San Antonio, TX to Florida (and back) – Fall ’08

My dad has been building ebikes for several years now and has been eager to test the feasibility of riding one cross country, unassisted.  Rather than brave a trip through the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, I told him I needed to be in Florida in November and asked if he thought we could ride there.  He thought about it for a moment and said, “Yeah. … I think so.”

This ride is from Helotes, TX to various points in Florida including Titusville, Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg and has subsequently been nicknamed our “Floride”.  We’re both riding recumbents:  I’ll be riding a Bacchetta Agio ebike outfitted with a Crystalyte motor and my dad will be riding his Bacchetta Corsa highracer (which has no power assist).  Our route roughly follows I-10 and Hwy 90 to North Florida, and currently the rest of our route is undetermined.  We hope to post an equipment list as well as daily stats on the performance of each bike.  Since we’ll be pretty wiped each night and may or may not have an internet connection, these posts will probably come in pieces – text first and images later.

Check out the subpages as we blog each day’s events and for more information on the bikes, look at the Synthetic Transport website.  If you’re following our progress and would like a postcard (of my choice) from our travels, email your mailing address to me via the info on the contact page.

Wish us luck and come back to visit often!