Bike-About Texas

We had planned to ride from Texas to New York this summer, but as those plans dissapated due to various complications we were left all packed up with nowhere to ride.  Needing to pedal out all this excessive eagerness to bike, I suggested a shorter round-trip through East and North Texas.

We have modified our bikes a bit from the Florida trip of last fall – new gear for Dad’s Corsa, new brakes, new panniers and a few other new features for my Agio – most of which provide a smoother, faster, more aerodynamic ride.  (I’ll add a full equipment list for this ride at a later date.)

The trip will run about two weeks total – hopefully averaging at least a century a day – and we’d welcome any suggestions for good roads to ride or neat towns to visit.  Our boundaries are roughly San Antonio to the South, Houston to the East, Dallas/Fort Worth to the North and a little past the 281 corridor to the West.

Our route is very flexible so if you live in East or North Texas and would like to join us for a ride, contact me!