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It’s been too long since my last post and I don’t know where to begin. Such a break in writing snowballs as each day it becomes harder to sit down and recapture the past.

But here we go.

It’s been a crazy few years. My mom, sister and I survived the remainder of the Germany trip, despite the sudden disappearance of posts. We accepted the invitation from swing dancing friends we met in Florida to visit their hometown, Frankfurt. They took us out on the town, showed us the architecture, the food, the night life and even brough us to a swing dance! The next day, they took us along the Rhine to a town (whose name I’ll have to look up), for wine tasting, a delicious dinner and a lovely stroll along the shops on the waterfront. We spent a couple more days in Germany then flew home safely.

Following the trip, life began to churn itself again.

First a big move, then an extra job. Lots of work, eat, work, sleep, get up, tend to the dog and the chickens, repeat.

Then came the feeling that something was up. Something was about to happen.

I had been working for a while as an assistant instructor at a big swing dance venue and had that sneaky suspicion magnified when friends and family, who don’t normally come dancing, all showed up one night. That night resulted in this beautiful proposal, all of which was planned, rehearsed, designed and built without anyone giving away the surprise!

This was in September of 2013. We eventually set the date for the end of December 2013, giving ourselves about three months to plan the wedding, and all I can say to that is that our moms are awesome. In the end, it was a huge, extended family effort, but the moms were at the center, pulling the whole thing together.

The day of the wedding we had our parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, a niece, a grandma, childhood friends, family friends, college friends, cycling friends, sailing friends and countless dance friends helping with set up, decorations (Oh, the decorations!), lighting, food preparation and dispersal. My sister-in-law made the cake (gluten-free purple velvet!). My aunt arranged the flowers (roses and basil and orchids!). My aunt-in-law donated the dress! A dance friend agreed to MC and DJ (Keith rocks!). My father-in-law performed the ceremony! The friend who introduced us to each other and another friend whose helped us so much along the way witnessed the wedding certificate (Thank you Ed and Evelyn!).

I couldn’t have hoped for a more cheerful, joyful, love-inspiring event. What an exuberant way to kick off a lifetime of love, respect and gratefulness to be in each others’ lives.

Will had made the solar-charged, battery-powered, magnet-operated, light-up LED ring for the engagement (as well as his ring to activate it), and we commissioned a local jeweler to cast one for the wedding.

We wanted a short ceremony and a big dance party, so we asked people to skip the gift and just bring food to share, which was awesome, not to mention self-sustaining! We had an entire table of gluten-free food as well as vegetarian dishes and some good-looking meaty ones. I made myself a plate, but didn’t get more than three bites into it! But when do you get to have a chance to be with that many loved ones at once?

A friend from college couldn’t make it for health reasons, so afterward we joked about a do-over wedding, complete with a do-over bachelorette party, all scaled down for six of us (me and my man, her and her’s, and our mutual friend and her hubby).

I wish I had taken the time to do a do-over celebration with her because she died about a month and a half after the wedding. She was nothing short of a super-woman, but over the years since college, she was in and out of the hospital for a new surgery every couple of weeks. Still, she juggled life as a physics PhD student, an MD student, a volunteer working with kids who faced her condition and an endless source of joy for those of us lucky enough to know her.

It’s tempting to take friends and family for granted, but almost every day I’m reminded, in some way, of how I need them and how they need me. It’s a big, sappy, tenuous bond I’m happy to have.

Now, coming up on our third anniversary, my husband and I are about to sail away on a boat. It’s a dream we’ve both been working toward, even before we met each other. Finding out that we shared the same dream just made the relationship that much more special, and the dream that much easier to attain.

We’ve gone about our departure in a very slow way (not entirely intentionally), which is easier on us and our families. The goodbyes get spread out over a few months, since we’re working our way down the coast and are still close enough for them to visit!

But we hope to be in the Keys by this January, and in the Bahamas shortly after that. I hope to continue posting our adventures (and continuing Batman’s!) here on the blog. But we also started a new blog, for our boat life. The website is, named for our boat Thoreauly (living as Thoreau might). Even if you don’t like sailing, check it out for the dog pictures. =)

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