Central Europe for Sexagenarians – Day 5

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Monday, July 1st, 2013
Montag, 1. Juli 2013

We awoke, dressed and went for our delicious breakfast (they offered cheeses, meats, yogurt, fruits, grains, breads, jams, teas & coffee, among other things), then packed our bags in the car, left it parked at the Herbage and headed across the street to downtown.

Dresden is a collection of amazing buildings – many of which burned or burned down multiple times before WWII or were bombed or leveled during the war and rebuilt over time. We walked by the Police HQ and the Albertinium, then along the Elbe, through Schlossplatz and up the tower at the Dresden Castle. We walked through Hofkirche by the castle, through Theaterplatz by the opera house, through the Zwiger, by a giant mural and the pieced-together Frauenkirche. I’ll post an unlabeled gallery for now (see below) and will have to edit it at a later date. There was so much to see.

Sometime amidst all this, I started to get hungry so we ended up in the basement food court of a nearby mall at a Greek-ish salad shop with a tall, dark and handsome salad maker who had his eye on Laura and her red pants. He pulled a trick on her while giving her the change, made a funny face at her when we had finished and were about to leave, then watched her ride the escalator into the sky and out of his life. It was an entertaining interlude to the day. =)

We eventually returned to the car and drove out to see Moritzburg Castle, the royal hunting lodge outside of Dresden. We made a stop at a local Lidl on the way and picked up some apples and a GIANT jar of Nutella. The Moritzburg pictures start after the Nutella closeup (yes, that’s 80g free – 880g total!):

Moritzburg castle didn’t allow free picture-taking either, but (being a hunting lodge) had lots of mounted deer heads, lots f porcelain and what looked like lots of mounted porcelain deer heads, along with an very unique Feather Room, a billiards table from the 1700s and several rooms with embossed-and-gold-leaf leather wallpaper.

Here are some links for views of the bed cover, bed spread and tapestries in the Feather Room. The colors in the fabric are all dyed feathers woven into a thread grid. Amazing original work, and perhaps more amazing, a successful restoration.


We finished touring the castle and grounds, then returned to Dresden to find our new hotel (Herbage didn’t have room for us to stay another night). I’ll have to look up the name on the receipt because I don’t remember it off the top of my head, but it was a great deal for a cute, comfortable room with a private bath (and TUB!) and a private terrace overlooking the street.  A warning for the guys though, I’m not sure about the lobby and other floors, but our floor had purple carpet, purple bedspreads, purple in the drapes, etc. Heaven for us three women, though!

We napped and freshened up, then, since our parking pass for City Herbage was good til midnight, we returned to park at the Herbage and walk downtown for an evening meal. We ended up at a tapas restaurant near the Frauenkirche, and though the food was unimpressive, the company was great! We retired to our new hotel and had a great night’s sleep.


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