Central Europe for Sexagenarians – Day 15

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Thursday, July 11th, 2013
Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013


I slept in, exhausted from the previous day’s drive, but eventually awoke for some coffee and fruit. Mom and Laura had opened the apartment and were enjoying the quiet morning on the porch and in the kitchen. They eventually went out to find a grocery store and returned with some eggs and other goodies for us to have a stouter breakfast.

We spent the morning reading, blogging and practicing our Foxtrot in the apartment’s living room, all to the sound of cowbells softly clanking nearby.

Eventually we headed out, looking to hike to the nearby lake, but ran into several forks in the path and – being unable to read the German signs – were unsure if we were venturing on private property. So we returned to the apartment and drove the car across town, which took less than two minutes. Then we walked around the lake and nearby campgrounds and even waded in the freezing water for a bit (which felt wonderful on the feet!), then returned to the car and drove to the grocery store for a few more dinner ingredients. The store had gluten-free flour, so we bought some, hoping to make bread or pancakes in the morning.

Back at the apartment, Mom cooked veggies for dinner and we watched the first half of a movie, then piled in the car to find some local nightlife. We returned to the restaurant where the guy helped us the previous night, but he was no where to be seen and we weren’t entirely sure the restaurant was actually still open for the day, so we drove to the next town, finding nothing open except the Oil! gas station. We topped off the tank, bought a bottle of Chilean wine, returned home and finished off the movie and the bottle.

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