Central Europe for Sexagenarians – Day 12

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Monday, July 8th, 2013
Hétfő, július 8, 2013 (according to Google Translate)

We booked the apartment in Budapest for two nights, giving us one full day in the city. Back when the idea of side-trekking into Hungary began to form, it was originally intended to involve a day of rest. We had looked at some of the small hot springs towns on the Austrian-Hungarian border and had considered just taking a day to relax, soak and let our walking/biking/driving muscles unwind. But with Budapest so close, we gave into the temptation to go there. It’s a big, interesting city with lots to do, so the Day of Rest didn’t quite pan out as expected…

The one thing we didn’t like about the apartment we booked is that parking wasn’t included. Street parking is free between 8pm and 8am, but after that it gets a little expensive – around 20€ and up per day. So we intended to get up early to move our car off the street, but overslept the alarm. Laura awoke 15 min before 8 and immediately woke us up to throw on some clothes and go move the car. We ended up leaving it at a gas station that was using its every square inch of free space to draw in extra revenue through paid parking. They directed us to drive half the car up on the curb between a pillar and a van and park it there. We returned to the apartment and I fell back asleep while Mom and Laura worked on the computer. I awoke a couple hours later and decided to take the day off from sightseeing, so after fixing some breakfast, Mom and Laura went out to explore the town while I worked on the blog.

They returned several hours later, slightly overexposed, but having seen some wonderful things, including a market they wanted to show me. Laura agreed to take me to the market while Mom stayed in, but unfortunately, the market had closed for the day by the time we got there. So we crossed the river and walked up to the Victory statue on a hill, finding a fig tree, a cool hotel and some guys doing pullups beneath a cross along the way. There is an old cave church in the hill, but we weren’t sure we’d have time to fully tour it, so we just walked around the outside before heading back toward the apartment in search of an appealing restaurant for dinner.

Though we didn’t find anywhere we particularly wanted to eat, we eventually noticed there was a grocery store a block from our apartment, so we bought cheese, veggies and a bottle of rosé Merlot to take back to Mom for dinner. We fixed eggs, a salad and mashed potatoes for dinner but decided to turn in early and save the wine for another night.

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