Ready to Race Across America!

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John, Jacquie, Larry and Kent (Dad)

We just finished up vehicle and bicycle inspections (passed! w00t!) and plan to use the rest of today for final touches on our supplies, setup and race plans. I’ll be posting pictures of the crew, racers and vehicles in following posts.

For those just tuning in, Dad is doing the Race Across America (RAAM) as part of a four-person recumbent team – Team Bacchetta. My sister sent out a run-down yesterday, which covers everything quite well, so I’m gonna repost it here:

Good evening everyone!
Some of you know that this year, my dad, a.k.a. Kick-Ass Kent, is doing Race Across America for the second time!! I’m pretty sure all of you know that he also raced it in 2010, when, upon completion of his 6 day, 9 hour, 50 minute race, he said he’d never do it again….. My mom and sister are part of the crew this year, which seems like a miserable waste of a “vacation” to me, but they’re adults and can make their own decisions! :)
Anyway, I realized last night that the race starts this Saturday morning in Ocean Side, CA! (I haven’t been paying much attention to the calendar this summer…) I wanted you all to know how to follow the 3 man/1 woman team’s progress if you’re interested or if you can think of friends/family/coworkers who would enjoy keeping tabs on the riders in an extremely challenging endurance race! When you find an extra moment, check out the team’s progress on their live race tracker here: or on the RAAM website: under the RAAM Teams tab – 4-Person Mixed (under 50) starting Saturday morning. The really nice thing is you can check it in the evening, get a full night’s sleep and when you wake up to check it in the morning, they’ve made progress! You don’t have to wait for the riders and crew to sleep every night like with other bike races.
On an additional note, this seems like one of the most difficult competitions I’ve ever heard of and, surprisingly, no one really knows about it. :( When I tell people that my dad’s 2010 team got third place while taking less than 6.5 days to finish, they usually say “it takes longer to drive across country than that!” Yes, exactly! That’s why it’s so impressive! One of the 4 members is riding at all times until the race is over. Pro Cycling Challenge… 7 days around Colorado? Try biking across the U.S.! Tour de France… More like: Tour de You Guys Aren’t Nearly as Awesome as These People, am I right?!
The team’s mission is to promote awareness and raise money for the programs and services the Arthritis Foundation provides to children in the U.S. who have been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and their families. On the Team Bacchetta site (link above), there are links to donate to the Arthritis Foundation and to Team Bacchetta or both! If you have 5-10 bucks you’ve been keeping in your back pocket that are now all sweaty (which you wouldn’t want to hand to the store clerk who you see every week), give it to the bank teller (who you don’t see often, since almost all banking is online now), then use a credit card to donate! They’re still taking donations, probably throughout the race, so the riders and crew can continue to eat until they get to Annapolis, MD! ;)
Attached is a picture for your enjoyment. It is not at all related to this email, I just liked it! Go Team Bacchetta!

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