Day 1, Team Bacchetta, RAAM 2012

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We didn’t have much to do in our RV, The Chateau, for the first half of the first day. With a large portion of the course closed to RVs, we planned to rendezvous with the riders at the recommend spot – Christmas Circle – in Borrego Springs (CA). So we left our Oceanside (not ocean-side, unfortunately) hotel sometime between 10 and 11 in the morning and made our way to the meeting spot, with one stop along the way.

Based on the recommendation by the Chateau’s head navigator, Kristy, we made a quick stop in Julian for their famous apple pie, along with a bathroom break and a quick perusal of the tiny town.

A quick rundown on our crew:

Kristy (front left) – The Navigator

Jim (front right) – Main driver

Todd (back left) – Temp Techie (he was hitching a ride and had to switch back to his assigned vehicle in Borrego Springs

Judy/Mom (back right) – All-around Provider (food, fluids, massages, any other assistance needed)

We met a group of people raising funds for the local petting zoo and took the chance at a photo op:

Then we found a wonderful little ballroom in the Chamber of Commerce building across the street (which warranted, for me, a quick dance to music kindly supplied by Mom)

Then while they hunted down pie, I visited a shop for postcards and found a candy mine!

Finally, pie in hand, we headed back to the RV where Mom fixed everyone a tasty lunch. trucked on to Borrego Springs, where we stopped for gas and met Hershel:

Lots of petting and baby cooing later, we parked on Christmas Circle to wait for the first glimpse of our riders since before the start of the race.

Of course, we passed time with our little friend:

All four riders were rotating through the We saw John Schlitter coming down off the “Glass Elevator” and crowded roadside to cheer him on as he blew through town. We heard the plan was to have John and Jacquie take a shift, but when plans changed, Larry zoomed out on his bike to start off a great shift. He and Dad traded off, well into the night.

According to Dad, Larry got all the smooth roads and downhill stretches (but he didn’t bother to mention that he had his own private masseuse).

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  1. Rhonda Bingman Says:

    Thanks for the updates! It’s fun to watch from our air conditioned easy chairs. I heard Judy is trying to fatten everybody up. Gotta keep your strength up, you know. Good luck to the riders and the crew.

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