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Posted by admin on March 6th, 2012 filed in travel

Looking back over my old posts, I realized that since I started swing dancing last August, I’ve only posted five times in over seven months. Five times! So my new New Year’s resolution is: “Blog!” (hereby replacing the former one: “Blergh!”)

A lot (not, Alot) has happened this year, including – in approximate order of occurrence – a foray into dance instruction, a trip to Texas involving a disagreement with a roping horse, a new apartment for me, new roses at Jim’s, a new record for Dad at Sebring (505 bike miles in 24 hrs!), lots of acupuncture, a robber swarm, a surprise dead raccoon, a giant spiritual-guide spider, a bed-side tree, a hidden possum and a new hive of bees, to name a few.

In addition to all of that, Jim and I have been working on the Mini and  FINALLY too it to our first Mini event – this year’s Spring Thing! Though we couldn’t make it for the whole weekend (really wanted to see the Funkana!) we dropped in Saturday afternoon and met some wonderful people … and their Minis:


The Roaming Gnome even showed up (Miniless though. He flew):

As dinnertime rolled around, in a fit of Mini-induced giggles, we followed all the little Coopers (and Mokes) to a nearby mall:

On a Saturday evening, the place was pretty crowded and while spots were hard to find, thankfully, the mall cops didn’t mind us double parking:




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