Comanche to Key West

Posted by admin on March 16th, 2012 filed in travel

About a week ago, I hitched a ride with two friends to Key West for an overnight mini-vacation. The trip took us over land and sea, but not like you’d expect. We made it from Clearwater to Key West in about two hours in this:

Karl, who owns and flies the plane, gave us a rundown on emergency procedures before setting up to take off:

I may have been in a private aircraft as a child, but this is the first time I remember flying in a small plane, and it’s definitely the first time Batman has flown in one:

We cruised somewhere up around 7500ft, through some beautiful, if bumpy clouds.

After a nice landing in the Conch Republic:

We checked in at our cabin:

We walked around the island, looking for places to dance.

We got a good suggestion from a local bartender and followed up on it after a dip in the motel’s pool:

That evening at The Steel Horse, as it turned out, was devoted to line dancing. Trust me when I say the line dancing crowd is a serious one. For two or three HOURS they did a different, unique line dance for EVERY song. That’s a LOT of memorization! We picked up on a few (and could have done the Boot Scoot Boogie blindfolded), but some were waaaaaay too complex. We managed to swing dance to a few, out of the way of the line dancers, but we were thankful when the live band came on and the line dancers cleared out. (Apparently, they are easily spooked by non-line-danceable songs.)

The band (someone “and the Damn Band”) performed a great collection of bluesy classic rock songs and made every effort to play our requests (as we were the only dancers left).

We hit some other clubs to see what was out there. The band at Margaritaville was awesome, but we barely caught the last few songs of their final set. Other than that, the music was mostly Top 40 pop – which we still danced to, but didn’t enjoy quite as much.

We turned in in the early morning hours, woke to a nice breakfast buffet with fresh coffee then packed up to return home:



After a short drive to the airport and a short wait while Karl prepped the plane, we loaded up and enjoyed the beautiful flight home:


Here’s hoping we get to do this trip again soon!

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