Boston Tow

Posted by admin on December 3rd, 2011 filed in bicycles, travel

To save on gas, my bf’s been working on a solution for biking out to visit me (we currently live about 60 miles apart) rather than driving his truck. The only hold-up was the question of how to transport his Boston terrier. Dad had a Bob trailer sitting unused, so Jim asked to borrow it and after the purchase of a harness and a couple of short leads to attach the harness to the trailer, Noki was set to go:

Jim also ordered some Doggles to protect those big, buggy Boston eyes:

but persuading Noki to wear those WHILE riding the trailer will take some more training and treats on our part.

The longest test ride has been about 20 miles, but Jim is working Noki up to the big miles and Noki couldn’t be more excited to be out on the open road, spending time with his dad:

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  1. LP Says:

    Can he sit down or will he have to stand the whole way?

  2. admin Says:

    He can sit any time his backside calms down enough to allow it.

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