N.Y. Tourette – Days 3-6

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Monday, July 4th through Thursday, July 7th

We woke at the Holly Bluff campgrounds not to the songs of birds chirping but to the cacophony of what sounded like an avian war. The sun was just barely up, so we ignored (as best we could) the racket all around and slept in a bit longer. When we woke again, surrounded by a now-quiet campground, only two other people – both part of the staff – were awake and about. We cleaned up, packed up, then loaded the Mini hoping others campers would begin to stir before we had to fire up our loud engine.

I killed some extra time taking pictures of the grounds including two major attractions, the putt putt course and the church:

However, when the time came to leave and no one else was up, we decided we couldn’t waste any more time. We got in, turned the key: “BRAAAAAAAM bram bram bram brumbrumburmbrum…” and hit the road, probably leaving several grumpily awakened campers in our wake.

We had a great day of driving, made good time and even stopped to capture our crossing into Virginia: Awhile later we arrived safely at my Aunt Milly’s house only to find that after we turned the car off it wouldn’t start again. After Jim got it running again, we took the Mini to the nearest town for a check and tune up. Though they weren’t able to do much in the way of a tune up, they were able to find new tires for us. Unfortunately, it would take several days to order and ship them. In the meantime, we immensely enjoyed our company and all the adventures they and area had to offer:

…including the annual Fireman’s Fair and Parade:

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