N.Y. Tourette – Day 2

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Sunday, July 3rd

Sunday started out a little rough. The Mini ran, but Jim had adjusted the timing a bit to see if it would do better and it didn’t. So we spent a few miles, driving, stopping, adjusting then trying it all over again.  But once he got the timing back to where it was, we started comfortably cruising the back roads toward Georgia.

We stopped at a McDonalds to get some oatmeal for breakfast (I’ve had it several times and it appears to be gluten-free enough) and drew the attention of several patrons, three of whom were old guys suited up and on their way to church. One even had a “Jesus” baseball cap, which was adorable. They chatted with Jim about the car’s specs and wished us well on our trip.

Georgia was largely uneventful aside from the beautiful roads, but at the border to SC along Hwy 301, we saw something cool. I couldn’t pull out my camera in time, but here’s the Google satellite image:

Next to the 301/73 bridge is an old pivoting bridge, apparently nonoperational.  This website gives a short history on it along with some better pictures.

We continued on, with no problems from the paltry South Carolina roads. Unfortunately, we did make a few wrong turns, so while we planned to arrive at our campsite outside of Asheboro, NC by 8 or 8:30, we didn’t get there til 9, just at closing.

We paid $17 to the Holly Bluffs Campgrounds office and were guided to our tent site (complete with water, electric and a picnic table). After quickly assembling our little tent, we showered off and sat down to a game of cribbage (which I won). =)

All in all a very nice day.

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  1. Deborah Says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your trip to NY. Enjoy “smelling the roses”.

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