N.Y. Tourette – Day 10

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Monday, July 11th

We had decided to return to the city to check out the museums, so we woke up early to prep for the train ride and a day in Manhattan. We packed light – Batman, a camera, our phones and some cash – and caught the LIRR train from Stony Brook to Penn Station.

The train trip to Manhattan was just under two hours and by the time we arrived, we were pretty hungry. Eager to start exploring, we grabbed a quick bite at a nearby Burger King then walked to Times Square, ducking inside Toys R Us and Swatch before a round of photos of Batman on Broadway.

From there we walked by Radio City Music Hall and through the Rockafeller building en route to the Plaza

After pictures in the Plaza, we ducked back into 30 Rock to grab some coffee and snacks as well as a few postcards which we quickly filled out and mailed in the basement post office.

Then we skipped a couple blocks over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and caught a train toward the Met.

While walking up the steps of the Met, that feeling of dread arose as what looked like “Closed” signs come into view. Apparently you can visit the museum any day of the week BUT Monday. I guess everyone needs a day off.

Slipping around the side of the Met, we entered Central Park.

With a loose plan of heading to the west side to see the Natural History Museum, we wandered around, finding an obelisk:

and a castle in the process:

Unfortunately, Belvedere Castle is also closed on Mondays.

We passed the theater for Shakespeare in the Park and saw the Natural History Museum then entered the nearby metro station to head down to the Intrepid:

We got hungry after our train ride though, so we stopped at a Turkish place called Troy Turkish Grill on 9th Ave and 40th St for tasty (and gluten-free) falafel and dolmas. Then we went to the park on Pier 84 (which has several fun waterworks) before heading to the Intrepid.

We stopped for a drink at the park’s bar to let Jim’s phone charge

then took the train to see Ground Zero and the replacement building:

From there we wandered toward Wall St.

Before heading back to Penn Station to catch our train back out to Long Island, we hoofed it down to Battery Park to watch the sunset behind the Pier A building and to get at glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

From there we walked along the Hudson River Greenway to return to the station (with only one other photo stop)

and arrived at Penn Station with plenty of time to catch the 8:45 out to Stony Brook.  Looooooong day with LOTS of walking, but a fun one for both of us.

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