The Biggest Little Trip of the Year

Posted by admin on April 19th, 2011 filed in batman, travel

A couple weeks ago my SO, Jim, got a call from his dad and in a very short time they arranged to fly Jim, Jim’s son and me out to Reno to surprise Jim’s mom on her birthday. We left dark and early last Friday to catch a pair of flights, totaling eight hours, out to Nevada where Jim’s dad collected us from the airport and drove us to their hometown, a small community as hour or two southeast of Reno.

Those who knew about the visit worked hard to keep it a surprise and their work payed off! His mom was completely astounded when Jim and his son walked out from the kitchen, and (don’t tell her I told you this) it was very sweet to watch her cry while hugging her son. Family reunions always get me, right here. =)

We spent Friday night visiting with Jim’s immediate family and grandparents then had another gathering of relatives on Saturday for a pizza party, during which Jim and I got to sneak out for a rumble around town in Jim’s dad’s awesomely restored pickup!

After cruising around, playing with dogs, parrots, horses and children (one of which apparently has a thing for turning keys left in any ignition, including tractors), cooking pizzas, hiking farmland and drinking wine, I’d normally be happy to call it a day, but Jim’s brother, father and mother took us visiting-three to a nearby gun range and encouraged us to try our hand at their collection.  I couldn’t begin to recount all of what we shot, but it was a blast (no pun intended).

Then on Sunday (which happened to be my birthday) we had plans to return to Reno to visit Lake Tahoe, but first started the morning with a little horseback riding

and lots of singing and dancing with the parrots!

After packing up, we headed through Carson City to Reno then drove up to the northeast end of Lake Tahoe where we rented snowshoes.  Jim’s brother, Joe, and his dog, Bandit, led us up to an overlook where we could hand-feed small wild birds. [I didn’t bring my camera, but with any luck I’ll be able to post photos from other cameras as the picture come in.]

Luckily, we remembered to bring Batman!

We also took time for a quick sled after our hike, then hit a steakhouse for dinner and finished out the night with cribbage lessons for me and Jim’s son at the hands of Jim and Joe.

It was a wonderful, whirlwind of a weekend, but the next morning we arose at four to catch our 6AM flight back to Florida, school, work and heat.  Nonetheless, we’re packed with great memories of some fantastic family time!  My hearty thanks to all the Dibbles – big and small, human or animal – for such a marvelous visit!

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