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Posted by admin on February 21st, 2011 filed in bicycles, travel

In honor of Daytona weekend and the Bike Sebring race (and the fact that I have homework to work on and a test to study for) I’m making this one a speed post!

Race results:


– 12 hours of biking in beautiful weather around the Sebring, FL area and on the Sebring International Raceway

– Place: 1st! (…out of one)

Category: Recumbent female, 12 hr, age 25 – 29

– Official miles: 185.1

– Unofficial miles: 185.1 + 3.7 = 188.8 (I finished my last lap 10-15 seconds too late, so it didn’t count, except to my legs.)

– 1st 100 miles completed in 5:15 hrs at 19.5 mph (woohoo! ok maybe it’s not terribly impressive, but it is a personal best)

– Roadside pees: zero! (also a personal best)


– 24 hrs of biking; half during a gorgeous day, half during a smoke-filled night

– Place: 2nd (his competition was an actual person – John Schiltter) and to clarify that’s 2nd in his category AND 2nd overall!

Category: Recumbent male, 24 hr, age 55 – 59

– Official miles: 484.7

– Unofficial miles: 488.4 (same issue)

– Road pees (not a typo): …um, a lot, according to him.  I wasn’t there.  Thankfully.

This post is too speedy to cover everything, but lady Bacchetta riders Jackie, Michelle and Sara Kay did waaaaaaaaaaaay better than I did.  (Go ladies!!!)  And of course 24 hr Bachetta riders John (492.2 mi) and Troy (469.6 mi) were incredible, as always. =)

Thanks to my mom and my bf and all the Bachetta crew members who kept us awake, alive and on the bikes!  What a great weekend!

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