Big Apple Ride & Birthday Soup

Posted by admin on June 23rd, 2010 filed in bicycles, food, travel

I’m staying with a friend in Brooklyn and since I have my Corsa with me, I took it for a spin today. The west side has a fantastic bike trail, so I rode the full length of Manhattan twice then headed around the south end, across the Williamsburg Bridge and back to my friend’s place. My bike computer is back in Florida, so I get to guess about my distance and speed, but it turned out to be a nice ride. I stayed off the roads, wanting a chance to scout out routes and local behavior toward bikers and I gotta say I’m impressed with the work the city has put toward incorporating bikes. Usually I hate bike trails, but the ones I rode worked pretty well (minus pedestrians who don’t hear “passing left” for one reason or another).  Tomorrow or Friday, I’ll take to the streets. If you’re so inclined, say a prayer for me.

And in the meanwhile, be sure to wish Bruce Campbell a happy belated birthday the Sci Fi Wire way:

Bruce Soup

Cream of Darkness & Bisque o' County Jr

Autolycus Cheese & Gumbo Ho-Tep

Check out the website for more info, the above images and a link to PDFs you can print up and apply to nearby, unsuspecting soup cans:

For Bruce’s more recent fans, commenter “brucefan” pointed out on the Sci Fi Wire page that the can labels should remind consumers to be careful when eating scalding-hot soup. Some kind of warning or perhaps a notice about the danger of getting burned…  (If you look closely, the Gumbo Ho-Tep label does include a health warning, but it bares no relation to a burn notice.)

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  1. D-Po Says:

    I’m so glad you and the Corsa have been reunited! Be careful when you hit those streets! Just spent some time on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, and I’m right there with you about the pedestrians. Personal favorite = the ones who jump into the middle of the trail when they hear “passing left.” Nice. : ) Oh, also had a camper run her bike into some bushes….another highlight! Heehee. Hope you can surprise someone with the Bruce Campbell’s labels. I probably wouldn’t even notice the label was different. Try it on someone more observant. Funny, though. And…one more thing. I actually watch Burn Notice. I KNOW… Love love, D

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