The Milestone

Posted by admin on January 21st, 2010 filed in bicycles

Before I finish Part II of the Montreal trip, I wanted to share a little about my bike ride yesterday.  In the past two years I rode the Agio (my recumbent ebike) a lot; it took me from Texas to Florida and back, around Central Texas, between San Antonio, Austin and Waco many times, as well as to and from work, the bike shop, the grocery store and several other local destinations.  With the exception of a handful of rides last summer, I didn’t start riding the Corsa (my regular, non-ebike recumbent) until last month.

Prior to yesterday, my record on the Corsa was 75 miles in one day, but yesterday we went on a long ride, and it ended something like this (please excuse the terribly fuzzy cell phone pics):




We’ll be aiming for another one this weekend and more in the following weeks.  Sebring, here we come.

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