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Posted by admin on November 7th, 2009 filed in batman, travel

So I had been hanging out in Mendoza, Argentina for the past week or so (and there’ll be a post on that later), planning to move on to San Juan or Buenos Aires, but unable to make the decision when I lost my wallet.  Sigh.

My mom saved my butt and Western Unioned me some money so I could buy a bus ticket back to Santiago to regroup in the company of friends and family.  I took a day bus this time so Batman and I could finally get to see the Andes up close:

¡Mira! ¡Los Andes!








Our descent

I get to make the trip again, going the opposite direction in about two weeks.  Unfortunately, the buses for Buenos Aires usually leave late in the evening as it is a loooooooong ride across the continent.  Glad I at least got to see the Andes once though. =)

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