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Posted by admin on October 5th, 2009 filed in bicycles, travel

My new ride

A big perk of the house where I live is that they have a bike available for the boarders.  Since no one else even touches it I’ve been using the bike every day, mostly to shuttle myself between home and my sister’s place, but I’ve also taken it downtown and around several parks.  Without the benefit of a helmet or a mirror I try to stick to smaller roads, but any course to my sister’s crosses a river (involving one of two crowded bridges or a hard-to-reach footbridge) and one of the busiest non-highway roads in Santiago.  I’ve tried myriad permutations of routes over roads, sidewalks and park paths and still can’t seem to find one way I’m comfortable with.

Nonetheless, riding this poor, rusted bike (in the only gear that currently works) has been so liberating.  I knew I’d been missing the Agio and the Corsa, but I hadn’t realized how much I missed just riding.  Now to see if I can bike between cities…

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